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June 7, 2013
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Game of Thrones S03E09--KILL LIST by zeekolee Game of Thrones S03E09--KILL LIST by zeekolee
The list need to add a lot of people...
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And last week's episode crossed off one more person from it thought I think that was more than expected even if it wasn't in the books.  I'm really starting to wonder if Arya is going to have pretty much any vengeance at all other than killing that guy that took her sword away. 

I mean think about it, who is does she really want to kill?  Take the Hound for instance.  Thus far she has a number of opportunities to either kill him herself or let somebody else do it and then maybe finish the job if need be, but she doesn't nor do I believe she will at all.  How about Tywin Lannister?  For her to want to kill him as she has at least once wanted, she'll have to go back to King's Landing somehow.  And then somehow kill him before anyone else tries.  Nevermind also as with the Hound, she had a few opportunities to kill Tywin herself or have Jaqen do it for her assuming she just have asked him in the first place to do so.  Are we beginning to see the pattern here? 

Secondly, who is she going to get a chance to kill anyway?  Surely someone (just to be clear I'm ignoring what I've heard happens alright, so let's just play dumb here for the sake of argument) else will probably beat her to killing most of those she says she wants to kill.  We've already seen that with one Lannister.  And I doubt she will claim any Lannister for that matter.  I can't see her being the one if it does happen that would kill Tyrion.  And I'm quite sure Jaime would give her a hell of a fight though I have other doubts she would kill him (maybe try, but not actually do it).  As for Cersei...oh boy, I'm sure there are more than enough people itching to kill her and will before Arya.

In any case to wrap up, what was then the point of trying to make Arya ought to be an avenger if she's probably not going to kill anybody of much importance?  I'm not seeing her story go very far in terms of actually having to be that meaningful in the long run assuming the story is meant to be such at the end and not just a long ass obituary.
YoshieUchiha Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Only the Freys cover more than half of the list LOL
That list is still getting longer, isn't it?
Yes in a way but no only because a good number of the people she wants dead end up dying anyway.  I mean seriously, by the time she is ready to claim vengeance if she even lives that long pretty much all the people she wants dead will be dead.

Also, why in the series (at least) does she want Melissandre killed?  Is it just because she thinks she'll kill Gendry or something?  That made very little sense to me.
I don't really know, I'm reading A Clash of Kings yet ^^
This is so cute! a morbid way...
the hound is like "Im so proud of this girl"

aieren Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha, love this one :P
Laughing my nads off.
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